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What should I do with those old books and DVDs of music, movies, and games? Wouldn’t you like to dispose of them so that they can bring you some revenue, which you can use to buy new ones? If so, you can do so through Half Price Books.

Half Price Books (HPB) is based on the age-old concept of a barter system wherein people used to exchange commodities. In this case, old books and DVSs of music, movies, and games have replaced commodities. Through this platform, people buy and sell these digital-age commodities.

Half Price Books (HPB) was founded in 1972 to promote literacy by providing old books to those in need at half prices. Over time, HPB has become one of the largest independent booksellers in the U.S. The number of its stores has grown to 120 stores in 19 states. HPB offers a treasure trove of books and collectibles.

In this blog, I will not discuss how to get inspiration for book design for your project. In addition, I will teach you how to turn your trash into cash and find hidden gems.

Book Design Inspiration:

Like most inventions, design is also a mix and match of elements. Visit your nearest HBP store and review certain design elements of the books available for sale. Such a visit will provide you with many ideas for creating unique designs for your book.

Finding Hidden Gems

To find a hidden gem, always explore the variety of available books to find a rare one. I am damn sure to find the following:

  • Gently used bestsellers at significantly lower prices. For example, you may find a recent John Grisham novel for half the price.
  • Obscure titles or cult classics you might not find elsewhere. For example, you may find a graphic novel series with a dedicated fan base.
  • Textbooks (new & used) across various subjects. You can even find a used calculus textbook for your upcoming college class.
  • Audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and even comics/graphic novels. One of my friends bought a complete season of her favorite classic TV show on DVD. Another one found a graphic novel adaptation of a beloved fantasy series.

Rest assured that you will find a rare collection of collectibles at a reasonable price.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Hunting for your desired books and collectibles at HBO is an exciting experience. You never know what hidden gems lay ahead of you.

All HPB stores are organized by genre, with sections for new arrivals, bestsellers, and staff recommendations. Yet, browsing other sections can lead to unexpected discoveries.

One of my uncles, who went to buy a few books to add to his literary collection, returned with a rare music collection. Whenever he finds time, he visits the nearest HBP store for casual browsing.

Making it Happen: Tips for Finding Treasures

Regularly visit your local HBP store as new treasures arrive frequently. Casually browsing different sections will increase your chances of finding something exciting. Here are a few tips for finding hidden gems:

  • Although I recommend casual browsing, having a specific book or genre in mind can help you focus your search.
  • Make sure you browse all sections, not just bestsellers or new arrivals.
  • Don’t neglect to browse the shelves with older books. Remember, your trash can be hidden gems for me, which is valid for vice versa.
  • Inquire with HPB staff – they might have knowledge of hidden gems. The staff at HPB are familiar with their inventory. Thus, they might be able to point you in the right direction of a specific book or hidden gem you’re interested in.


Products & Services

Q: Does Half Price Books sell DVDs?

A: Yes, Half Price Books sells a variety of DVDs alongside books, music, video games, and other items.

Q: Do Half Price Books offer a teacher discount?

A: Yes, Half Price Books offers a year-round 10% discount for educators and librarians.

Q: Does Half Price Books sell video games?

A: Yes, Half Price Books sells video games alongside books, music, DVDs, and other items.

Selling to Half Price Books

Q: How much does Half Price Books pay for used books?

A: The amount Half Price Books pays for used books varies depending on factors like condition, demand, and current inventory. Generally, they offer up to 50% of the original retail price.

Q: Will Half Price Books buy my books?

A: Yes, Half Price Books buys many books, including bestsellers, classics, textbooks, and more. You can bring your items to a local store for evaluation and receive a cash offer.

Half Price Book Store Near Me

Q: Is there a Half Price Books in Arlington?

A: Unfortunately, as of March 26, 2024, no Half Price Books location currently operates in Arlington.

Q: How do I find directions to Half Price Books near me?

A: You can easily find directions to your nearest HPB location by visiting their website. Here is the address: https://www.hpb.com/stores/. Use the store locator tool available there to find the location of your choice.

Q: Is a Half Price Book Store in Oklahoma City, OK?

A: The HPB website has a store locator tool to confirm if there is a Half Price Book store in Oklahoma City.


Half Price Books offers a treasure trove of books, including rare finds or hidden gems. Likewise, it provides a vast and rare collection of music, movies, and games.

It is not just the wide variety of collections but also the price. HPB offers such collections at lower prices than all other retail stores.

Here, you can find new and rare collectibles and cash in your trash. You can sell your old books, music, movies, and games at a reasonable price to buy new ones.

It’s time for me to head to my local HPB store, and I’m curious to learn when you’ll be exploring your nearest HPB store, too!

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