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Best Book Design Software for Window and Mac 2024

Initially, the art of storytelling was limited to verbal communication only. With the advent of digital age, need for printed form of storytelling was realized and printed books become conduit of storytelling.
However, how those words are presented in printed form is of prime importance. A good presentation of words can turn a good story into an unforgettable experience. Authors today are not just writers; they are designers, illustrators, and publishers rolled into one.

In this guide, we break down the intricate world of book design software, particularly for Window and Mac users. Whether you’re a new author, self-publisher, or creative writer, understanding the options available at your fingertips is crucial to bringing your vision to life with every book.

Understanding Book Design Software

At its core, book design software empowers you to craft professional book covers, interior layouts, and templates. It weaves together elements of art and typography to enhance the visual appeal and readability of your book. The capabilities of these programs are vast to serve the broad spectrum of design, from the minimalism of modern fiction to the intricate maps of fantasy worlds.

Key Features to Look For

When evaluating book design software, several features can dictate its usability for your specific needs:

  • User-Friendly Interface: How intuitive is the tool? A good interface minimizes frustration and maximizes creativity, especially for less experienced users.
  • Templates and Customization: Are there ready-made designs that can be further tailored? This saves time while offering room for personalized touches.
  • File Format Compatibility: Seamless integration with other design tools can be a time-saver and a quality enhancer.
  • Illustration and Image Editing: The ability to seamlessly integrate and modify graphics can be invaluable for narrative enhancement.
  • Export and Printing: How easy is it to ensure your work appears on the page as intended?

Best Book Design Software for Window & Mach in 2024

There’s an array of book design software available, and each brings its unique strengths to the Mac table. Here’s a look at some of the top contenders:

  • Adobe InDesign (Paid): Renowned for its precision and advanced features, InDesign is the gold standard in book design but comes with a learning curve and a subscription fee.
  • Coraldraw: (Paid): A versatile suit of applicaiton with book design features. It has a user-friendly interface and a perpetual licensing model.
    Affinity Publisher (Paid): A robust alternative with a focus on user experience and a one-time purchase model.
  • Scrivener (Paid): Not just a writing tool, Scrivener includes layout and formatting features, particularly useful if you’re designing for e-books.
  • Microsoft Word (Paid): It most common software for Window users as in some cases it comes with purchase of new Desktop Computers and Laptops.
  • Apple Pages (Free): Pre-installed on Macs, Pages provides valuable design features for the beginner or for the more straightforward book projects.

Top Free Book Design Software

Free software is a treasure trove for beginner designers and those who need less complex design functions. Here are some top-notch free tools for Mac that offer substantial value:

  • Canva: This online design platform is beginner-friendly, offering a plethora of book cover templates.
  • LibreOffice Writer (Free): While more of a word processor, Writer provides some basic layout tools that can be extended with plug-ins for additional functionality.

Paid vs. Free Book Design Software

The choice between paid and free software often comes down to the scale and complexity of your project and your experience level.

Paid Software

If you require advanced design features or professionalism from the get-go, paid software delivers on complexity and quality.

Free Software

Free tools are perfect for dipping your toes into the waters of book design, or if your project’s requirements don’t demand the full suite of functionality that paid tools offer. They offer a great learning ground, particularly for those on a tight budget.

It’s Not Just Book Design Software:

It is not just a book design software, you need more. For a successful book design project, you often need a complete range graphic design software applicaiton such as Adobe Suit or Coreldraw Suit. They include all the necessary graphic design application beside book layout design applicaiotns.

For printed book, I like Adobe Suit as InDesign software offer user friendly interface and wide range of authomation to automate various typsetting processes.

How to Choose the Best Book Design Software for Your Needs

Picking the right software is a personal choice, but considering these criteria will help guide your decision:

  • Type of Book: The nature of your content can dictate the level of design sophistication required.
  • Expertise Level: Don’t overcommit to software intended for seasoned designers if you’re just starting.
  • Budget: Be honest about your financial constraints and aspirations for design.
  • Specific Design Needs: If your book hinges on specific design elements, ensure your software can deliver them.

Resources and Tutorials for Mastering Book Design Software

No matter which software you choose, it’s essential to grow familiar with its features and quirks. Invest time in tutorials, forums, and user communities to level up your design game.

  • Online Communities: Platforms like Reddit and Stack Exchange can be goldmines for troubleshooting and learning.
  • Video Tutorials: From the software’s creators to avid users, there is a wealth of content available that can walk you through from basic functions to advanced features.
  • Official Documentation: Sometimes, nothing can beat the manual. Ensure you know your software’s official help documentation well.


Book design software is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Your choice should reflect the unique blend of content, aspirations, and budget that your project demands. For both Window and Mac users, the options available in 2024 are as varied as they are capable. Whether free or paid, the right software not only empowers your design but also streamlines and enhances the perception and enjoyment of your book. Thus, making your story stand out in the crowded shelves of today’s digital market.

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